Be Different

I've learned a lot from our dog, Moose. He was one of 13 in his litter, the "mis-marked" one. He was also the most mellow (according to the breeder); so I could have cared less what he looked like; she said he'd be a good match for us; so I was all over it. When everyone else came to get their 8 wk old puppies, they saw Moose and wanted him - she said; nope, you said you wanted a "perfectly marked" Swissy; this one's taken! We're kinda like that, too. We want to look like everyone else, and stay away from those who look different, but when we really SEE them - we want that - because they're different, we're attracted to that!

We also just purchased a big wagon for him to pull the kids around in. Why? Because that's what these dogs were made for - working/pulling. That's what makes him happy. Is it normal? No. do people look at us differently? Yes. But it's only because they see how happy he is doing what he was born to do.

"God invites us to dance to a different tune because He knows what's truly going to satisfy and fulfill us." - Craig Groeschel, author of "Wierd".