When my middle daughter needs some space or just wants to be who God made her to be by herself; she often goes outside or to her room and teaches, sings, or dances. I think it's odd; but it's actually a great way for her to be her, and I admire that. It makes her happy.

I've enjoyed the writings of Henri Nouwen lately. He was a Roman Catholic Priest who studied psychology and religion in Holland; received a Doctoral degree in Psychology; taught Psychology at Notre Dame, and eventually taught Spirituality at Harvard and Yale. He did more, but these are some keys so you get the point.

Here's the connection; as the quote below is his:

"To heal is to let the Spirit call us to dance.
Can you feel the freedom that rises up in you when you have been stripped naked and have nothing to inhibit your movements anymore? You can dance as David danced in front of the Ark. Can you notice in your innermost being the joy of living that comes from having nothing left to lose?... Jesus enters our sadness, takes us by the hand, pulls us gently up to where we can stand, and invites us to dance."

I LOVE that! - "the joy of living that comes from having nothing left to lose... nothing to inhibit your movements anymore"; yes, it goes back to my "Naked" post - just wanted you to see how an extremely well educated priest and I think alike. My daughter is being care-free when she dances, and she comes out of it happier than when she started - consistently. I think Jesus wants to do that for us way more often than we let Him. I'm not a dancer, but today, I want to dance!