Not About Me

Matt Chandler (Village Church in TX) seems to be on fire lately. I love listening to podcasts when I walk my dog in the morning; and he has been my recent favorite. He read Psalm 23 and emphasized one verse (3) that I never really heard before "For His Name's Sake". God protects us, takes care of us, guides us; why?? because of that! For His Name. It's all for Him. "I am not the point", Chandler says, and once we realize that - it's way easier to put ourselves last. Get ourselves and our reputations out of the way. It will be way easier to deal with life's interruptions when we get this - I'm preaching to myself, here; I can be so much less stressed about stuff when I get that it's not about me! "I can be free from myself" -(that freedom thing again...) to make much of Him." Maybe the next time my 6 year old gets up at the crack of dawn to disturb my quiet time I'll remember this instead of ripping her head off...


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