Too Dirty

We just returned from a weekend soccer travel soccer tournament - in the rain. Between the stench of uniforms that had been worn 3 - 4 times (times 2) and food particles, wrappers, etc... the car was used well. It provided breaks from rain and warmth from cold, but it was disgusting. As we got in to drive home I just looked around (and smelled around), and made the immediate decision not to tackle it on my own. Monday morning, it's going in. Ahhh, the weight that was lifted off of my shoulders as I made this executive decision - I didn't have to try to clean it!!!

Then I realized, that's how God wants us to see ourselves. Too dirty to try to clean up ourselves. He doesn't want us to see ourselves as just a little dirty or even pretty clean. He wants us to see ourselves as too dirty to try to clean on our own. He wants to take that load off of us, to clean us up by His own power because WE CAN'T DO IT ON OUR OWN. That is freeing!

Yes, the car wash would cost more money - and yes, our freedom is costly; but we don't have to pay for that, it's been done.