Full Moon

As I arose from slumber yesterday, I knew there was a full moon. I knew it because it was lighter in the house than it usually was at that hour, and I didn't knock over anything.
When I walked Moose, it wasn't as dark as it usually was (quite helpful on the skunk look-out).
The full moon was awesome, I couldn't get my eyes off of it; so I did a little research...

The moon has no light of its' own; it's made of rock; it only reflects the light of the sun.
The illuminated side of the moon is constantly facing the sun no matter where it is in it's rotation around the earth, while the earth, of course, revolves around the sun.

When the moon is new (hardly seen by us), it's illuminated side is facing away from the earth towards the sun, and it is between the sun and the earth.
When we see a full moon, the earth is actually between the sun and the moon. The illuminated side is facing the earth and is completely lit up by the sun - and the earth does not get in the way of the sun's illumination! That got me.

Maybe, even though the world seems bigger than us; when we are completely allowing the Son to illuminate us (the way we were made); the world (earth) can't get in the way! We can shine fully. Sometimes we need to be alone with God (prayer/study) to feed our spirits - between the earth and facing the sun. While other times we need to get out and shine His light to the world, not letting the world (and its' desires) come between us and The glory of the Son!

Hebrews 1:3 says "The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word."