Old Maid

I have had somewhat of a grumpy 5 yr old lately. Doesn't like to listen to books much (though we still read); doesn't like to play by herself (still make her); and doesn't like many games - except Old Maid. She will play Old Maid forever, so we often do. She plays very confidently when the Old Maid is in her hand; always smiling waiting for me to grab it, re-arranging her cards to put it where I've been picking from. But when I have the Old Maid, she always hesitates in taking a card from me; worrying and trying to be very careful not to pick it, and choosing from different places instead of always the right hand side.

Then I heard a sermon from John Piper regarding Judas, and he got me thinking along the same lines... He was talking about John 6:70 when Jesus says that he chose the twelve, knowing Judas was an enemy. God put Judas in the midst of the twelve and he will do what God tells him to do. Stated more powerfully; "He reigns over the resistance" (Piper)

In Job 1, we see that Satan needed God's permission to pretty much destroy Job's life. And again in Luke 22:31 "Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat." This shows us that these trials had to go through God first.

It's true - He holds the cards, AND He holds the Old Maid (The Enemy). And, when we are on His side - we can enjoy the peace of knowing He is sovereign; we don't have to live life worried about what card we will pick next; but knowing completely, that He is in control.

"This should be a sanctuary for our souls when all hell breaks loose in our lives!" (Piper)