Since two of my best friends have had the experience of their dogs being skunked recently, when I take Moose out early in the morning, we start our walk with the prayer "Lord, keep the skunks away from us, and keep us away from the skunks". You would think they are lions or something the way they freak me out. We see about one a day; and each time, they are either running away from us, or I spot them from far away and direct Moose on a turnaround or go to the other side of the street. So far, so good; God is answering my prayers, and to that I am very thankful!

Listening to David Platt (Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL) this morning, he said "It is a scary thing when God gives man over to his sinful desires". It's been all over the Bible, God gives men over to their evil desires; He doesn't make us love and choose Him; He wants us to love and choose Him. He knows that is what will ultimately fill us. He also knows what will hurt us, and often shields us from those things; but sometimes their staring at us in the face and we have to choose.

I totally see this in my dog. If he spots the skunk first, he wants to move towards it. Thankfully, I have hold of the leash! Sometimes, I spot the skunk before he even sees it and steer him quietly away from it. If he spots it; he wants to go to it - it's interesting, looks like fun to play with - but I know better than he! If I give him over to this desire, he will be skunked (and I will have a huge job ahead of me)!

Sometimes, I wish God had me on a leash; totally protecting me from every selfish desire that would hurt me. The more I make these poor decisions, the more I learn how much they hurt me. And, the more closely I am walking with God, the more I am focused on Him, and in joyfully walking with him, my aroma stays sweet.