Squeaky Violin

My middle daughter has started the violin. I was spared this luxury with the oldest, who chose the Upright Bass; a nice, low tone.
I think I'm getting old because I'm not too bothered by it. I'm actually just thrilled when she practices, knowing discipline is not her middle name.
Last night, however, I totally enjoyed it. Why? Because she was teaching her little sister, who she's not been too fond of lately, how to play. She was acting like the master teacher, and her sister was actually listening and responding; not saying "I can do it myself".
It was beautiful. I just sat there and soaked it all in.

I think that's how God looks at us with our brothers and sisters in Christ. He has made each of us really good at something and others better than us at other things. When we let them teach us and are responsive, I think he gets that joy that I did. Likewise, when we use what we have or know to teach those who haven't learned that yet, He beams for us.
Listening to my kids argue makes my heart heavy. Listening to them learn from each other is a high I can ride for a while.
There will always be someone who we can teach, and always someone we can learn from.