Tailgate Shepherd

I had the pleasure of attending a tailgate party this weekend. My two youngest did not find their friends, so they were following me everywhere. It got a little (okay, a lot) irritating because they were practically stepping on my feet trying to not miss anywhere I might be going so they didn't lose sight of me. At one point, my youngest lost me, so she just stayed put and got really sad. We went back to find her (approximately 40 seconds later) right where we had lost her, and all was recovered.
I don't think God gets irritated with us following Him.
I think He really wants us to follow Him closely; He probably likes it when we are so close we step on His feet.
John 10:4 says "When he has brought out all his own (sheep), he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice."
When we stop following Him closely, we get lost, or make no progress. We become stagnant, not going anywhere, or go the wrong way. And are pretty unhappy in that state. We are secure when we keep our eyes on Him - not letting anything distract us.
And how do we do this?
We know His voice.
We know the comfort and love of His voice.
We know that His voice and His leading is the best for us because He has proven that to us.
And we don't let other ones get in the way.
May we all experience the joy of following Our Shepherd closely today!