Dive In!

"Do I love others enough to share with them what God has done in my life?"
That is the question I was posed with this morning listening to my podcast on my walk.  That convicted me, because, my answer usually is, no.

According to Bill Hybels in his recent book Just Walk Across The Room, "The single greatest gift we can give someone is an introduction to the God who asked His Son to go the unthinkable distance to redeem them."
Greg Ferguson was also quoted in this book with the lyrics of a song he wrote called "Peacemaker" -

Peacemaker, Fear-taker, Soul-soother, Storm-smoother
Light-shiner, Lost-finder, Cloud-lifter, Deliverer
Mind-clearer, Sigh-hearer, Hand-holder, Consoler
Wound-binder, Tear-drier, Strength-giver, Provider
Heart-healer, Kind Father.

Who wouldn't want at least one of those in their lives right now?  Someone could be all these things to them!  And, then, why don't I love enough to tell everyone about HIM?

The thought that came to my mind was that of jumping off of a diving board.  When we haven't given our lives fully to Jesus, it's like living on the board - careful, limited, contained.  But when we get the courage to jump off, it's like giving up everything for the pearl of great price - more than we could ever have experienced on the board, to go after the promise.

"Give your life to following Jesus because giving our lives to anything else will be far less than what you were created for!" (Summit Church, Orlando)