Spinning Unchained

When I started this blog a few months ago, I had no idea how many ways "Unchained" would relate to my life.  Now that I'm back in the saddle - this title has taken on a whole new meaning.
There are several different types of stationary cycles out there for group exercise.  Some involve a chain and a 40# fly-wheel, and some involve a band that can tighten or loosen on the wheel to increase or decrease resistance.
When you get going really fast on a bike with a chain, it is very hard to slow down.  You can actually take your feet out of the toe cages and the pedals will keep going while your legs are not doing a thing.  The speed of the chain is maintained by the heavy flywheel going really fast; which actually caused me a nasty leg laceration several years ago.

When we live a life bound in chains, we are going with the flow of our life.  If our lives are spiraling downward, we don't really notice and just go with it.  It is hard to get out.

Living Unchained, nothing is holding us back from being who God made us to be.  Our joy comes from being in relationship with the One who made us.  "Religion" has a root "lig", from ligament, meaning joining together, connected, united.  Re = again.  True religion bonds us together to our Creator again  (McLaren).   False Religion bonds us to other things; like the nasty flywheel that the chain is attached to - pulling us in directions we weren't meant to go.

May the freedom of chains being broken by the One who wants you connected to Him alone, drawing your strength and energy from Him alone, awaken your hearts to what you were made for today!