Under The Umbrella

I was pretty excited when I noticed that I would not need my puffy coat this morning to walk, so I put on my lighter one and headed out the door... I took one step after opening the door and who was there to greet us? Yep, Mr. Skunk, on my front door stoop! He scurried away, I held Moose back with all the strength I had and that was it - no spray - disaster averted! Besides the heart attack I was having.

The stories I've heard of dogs being skunked are when they are off-leash. So, maybe, since when we walk in the morning, he's on a leash, we have nothing to worry about...?

Moose was pretty bummed (understatement) that he couldn't go get Mr. Skunk, and he actually whined in pain because of his pinch collar, but thankfully, it worked. He doesn't know it, but that pain in his neck, is far better than the nightmare that he (and the rest of the household) would have experienced had he been free to go do whatever he wanted.

Beth Moore teaches about the umbrella of God's protection. As long as we stay under God's umbrella/His rules for us, we don't have to experience the nasty weather. We are free to go wherever, without getting hit by the elements while under His umbrella. They are for our protection.

Another children's story I've been reading to the girls talks about a dog playing in his yard. What happens if we got rid of the fence, or left the gate open? The dog could run out and get run over, or lost. But, in the boundaries of his yard, he can play all he wants, freely, not worrying about what will happen to him.

Often, when God does not give me what I want, I whine or get depressed or grumpy. But if my eyes could see what God's eyes see, I'm sure it's to keep me safe, close to him, and living freely and abundantly in His love!