Celebrating Silently...

I've been pondering why more Christmas Carols aren't more upbeat and celebratory (can't really work out to most of them).
Why so many of them are slow?  It bothered me, but now, I'm good with it and here's why:

I think it's like when you're on a roller coaster;  they say the people who are truly scared are totally silent.  Or when you witness a huge fire or a big accident, or a major storm - you don't scream about it, you're silent - taking it all in.  And, when you give birth (or witness it) - you don't scream and yell in excitement in the delivery room - even though it is VERY exciting - you are still, you are in awe, or you just cry and can't talk, like I did - you "ponder these things in your heart" as Mary did  (Luke 2:19)

With a little help from Websters, and my Ipod, I was able to see the connection.
"Come and behold Him" = to look, to see, to regard
"Oh come let us adore Him" = worship, love greatly, honor highly
When we are doing these things; it is a deep, internal regard - something we do with our hearts - something that shows what we esteem.  I scream excitedly when my child scores a goal, but I am silent and in awe, when she is born. Because that is bigger.

This is the biggest thing that had ever happened - God has come to earth - as a baby - "Fall on you knees" (O, Holy Night),  "(shepherds) quake at the site" (Silent Night)!  Be silent and treasure these things with a nice, slow Christmas Carol...