Not My Will, But Yours...

Wouldn't it be cool if when you asked your twelve year old (who was very busy texting her friends on the couch) to do the laundry; she paused, thought, and said "not my will but yours, Mom."

Or if, when your nine year was happily singing her lungs out in her room after her younger sister was put to bed and you asked her to stop - she replied, "okay, not my will, but yours."

Or, when your six year old decides she is supposed to have candy for breakfast and you tell her no way - she politely responds "not my will but yours."

That would be pretty cool if they thought about it, decided it was better to obey mom than obey their own selfish desires for their own enjoyment.

That's exactly what God wants us to learn.
That's exactly what Mary knew, and taught to her Son.

When asked to bear the Son of God instead of going on with her scheduled plans of getting married first, then having children, she tossed her life plans out the window and went on the experiment that God asked her to go on - and it was Amazing!!!  Looking back, there's no way she could say she wished she listened to herself instead of God.

When He knew God wanted Him to die on the cross and experience God's wrath, but didn't really want to - maybe He remembered the lesson that His mom taught Him from her experience - not our own will, but God's (Ortberg)!  It's way better!

Today when you come to that crossroads; which will you decide?  Go with God and His will for you - His plans are greater than we can ever imagine!