The Ultimate Goalkeeper

My middlest brought home the picture book about Goalkeepers this week.  I'm sure it was for me, because she is like that, a pleaser (sometimes); so, of course, we sat down and read it right away.  I read way too much for her liking -  all of the words, instead of the ones just under the pictures, because it had a lot in it and I was starting to see something that I had never seen before.  She left, and I continued to read the picture book on my own...  This is what I read:

A Goalkeepers job is to stop the other side from scoring goals.

They must be strong and able to react quickly.

They see how an opposing attack is building up...

They communicate with their team and tell them what to do because they can see the whole field.

A clean sheet is achieved with no goals allowed.

If you are a defender there's nothing better than looking around and seeing a goalie behind you who's in complete control of his area.

Do you see it, too?
Jesus is the Ultimate Goalkeeper.
All those balls we miss while playing the game; HE SAVES FOR US!!'
He gave us a clean slate when He died.  No one has scored on Him!
He sees the enemy and give us wisdom and strength to avoid him.
He is always awake and ready to defend (intercede) for us!
There is nothing better than sitting still and knowing Jesus is with us - and He's in complete control!

I loved knowing that my team had confidence in me as a goalie; how much more must He love being depended on to meet all of our needs, wants, and desires...