Don't Chase Bikes...

Moose walked right into a big snowbank today.  He has been known to walk into parked cars and fall off curbs because when he looks at other dogs or runners or bikers, his body tends to follow.  Sometimes I try to hold him back, but other times I just let him go (no not after people, into a snowbank) - hoping he'll learn his lesson (and, it's funny to watch).
Why does he do this?  He gets distracted - he thinks the biker would be more fun to run after, but doesn't realize he's going to work all day and would be pretty lonely.  He thinks the puny little dog would be fun to play with, but he doesn't know that all that dog does is bark and he would get a headache.

I think this is the way God is with us.
Because He gives us free will, like I sometimes do with Moose - we mess up when we don't follow Him and run into roadblocks when we allow ourselves to get distracted with other things.  He wants us to follow Him because we love Him, knowing His way better than ours.

God tells us often in Scripture that He will tell us where to go if we listen to Him.  He tells us not to "swerve to the right or the left"; guides His people with clouds and fire, and gives us His Holy Spirit that tells us "this is the way, walk in it" (Isaiah 30:21).

The road is still going to throw stuff at us, but our footing will be strong knowing our path is HIS.