Is it Really Discipline?

I love teaching Spinning in January.  There is so much energy in the class; lots of people, and it makes it way easier to teach in that environment.  I wish everyone would stay...          But I know they won't.

Christine Caine is someone I've been hearing about lately, and I checked out her website yesterday.  She wrote an article in the New Year about being a "Have To" person or a "Want To" person.  Which one are you?  I realize this is pretty general in that some things we are "have to" and others we are "want to".  But what if everything we did, and were supposed to do was from "wanting to"?

The ones in the gym now, who won't be there in a month, are going to the gym because they feel like they "have to".  The ones who are there in November "want to".

Then I saw an article entitled "The Myth of Discipline" by Charles Poliquin (a well known weight training coach).  In it, he brings in a very interesting word - love. Are love and discipline related?  Being a health nut; I can really relate to this.  He said discipline is really about what we love.  What we love determines what we choose to do.  Do we love being healthy or do we love Krispy Kremes?

If the decisions we make each day are a struggle - we need to check on what we really LOVE.  "Yet I hold this against you; You have forsaken your first love." (Rev 2:4)  It happens.
When we really love Jesus; we will "want to" make decisions bring Him honor and glory.  Love makes discipline unnecessary.  Love propels us forward to new and greater heights.  Love was first shown by God, and now He wants that love to overflow in abundance out of us!