Jesus' Feet

The other night I had the weirdest dream - that I even remembered when I woke up; and actually got something out of.  First time for everything.
Apparently a friend of mine had just had a baby, and she came over with her husband at about 6am the very next morning to display the baby to me.  Literally, she held her out right at the front door on two open palms (the baby was sitting up, which is odd since she was born yesterday, but, remember, it's a dream).  My thoughts were - she's crazy, shouldn't she be home sleeping, or just cuddling with her brand new baby; or still in the hospital?  She needs to get out of the cold and hang out and just be with her.
Then I read about Mary of Bethany an hour later.
Every time she is seen in the Bible, it's at Jesus' feet.  When Martha is cooking and cleaning; when Lazarus had died; and when she is pouring perfume on them!
She found her strength and joy and peace at Jesus' feet.  He wants us to find the same thing there.
He asks us to follow Him, but how will we know where He is going if we aren't at His feet?
I have been trying to figure out what He wants me to do for Him, when He really just wants me at His feet.  And He will lead me the rest of the way.
Just like the crazy new mom who wanted to take her baby out right away; that's nuts.  Jesus wants us to just hang with Him sometimes; be alone; don't always try to do things for Him - spend time knowing Him.