Lessons From a Nun

I had the pleasure of reading the book, Unveiled, by Cheryl Reed, while on vacation last week.  I am not Catholic, and have honestly not ever been intrigued by Nuns, probably just because of ignorance, but this book title looked really similar to "Unchained", so I pulled it out of the shelf at the library, saw the cover, and said - okay, let's see what these girls are really about.
After I got into it a little bit, living in a convent with a bunch of women who love Jesus seemed pretty appealing to me - it would be a nice break from the (sometimes) rat race here.  And I don't think I'm too attached to things I own, so the vow of poverty might not be too bad (easier said than done, I'm sure); and, celibacy - well, check that one.

The author took several years checking out different convents around the states, and learned a ton while doing so - like how amazingly different they all were.  My favorite of the group was Dawn Mills - she is actually the "Mother" of a group in Tucson, AZ.  Here are some of my favorite quotes of hers:

"None of this getting up at 3 in the morning; three o'clock is a fine way to end a beautiful evening  It is a lousy way to start a day.  And no vegetarian communities; I am not giving up meat and men in the same lifetime!"
Most sisters would go to bed early and get up at 2 to pray, then go back to bed for another early wake up.  They are also mostly vegetarian, from what I read.  She broke the mold, as a lot of them have.

"If you don't believe there's a Higher Power then this life is the biggest waste of time you can possibly imagine.  If there's a Divine Energy that runs through the universe, then it seems that somehow making contact, plugging into it, channeling, connecting with that energy and bringing it in contact with humans has value.... joining a monastery and taking on the vows is the ultimate self-sacrifice for God...  giving up everything the world claims to be important in order to badger the boss."
My argument was usually, don't we need to be out there  - to teach others about Jesus; rather than shutting ourselves off from others?  But I quickly learned from this book that prayer can be just as powerful, and these women have devoted their lives to it - so should I, whether in my home or out of it.

"If you really want to give up your will - have children!"
This one made me feel that I'm good where I am!  There will not be three little girls left to their own rearing because their mom ran off to a convent - I can be more in love with Jesus and talk to Him more right where I am - starting today!  A great New Year's Resolution.