After walking the other morning and almost falling more than once, my appreciation for salt grew.   I've been really into Sea Salt on my fajitas; but this was new...  I would rather walk on the street, knowing it is salted, than the safety of a sidewalk that you never know what you're gonna step on.  You have to take these teensy little steps to get anywhere safely, and I like taking big, certain ones.
The Bible says we are to be salt.  So that must mean, we are to be this for others.

Salt is for preserving food to counteract decay:  So that means we are to fight the decay of the culture...

Salt is also for adding flavor:  Matthew 5:13 says we are to "bring out the God-flavors in this world." (MSG).  That's a great translation - show others how awesome God is!

I really want to be salt for my kids.  I want to be a firm place for them to land.  I don't want them to have to take little, unsure steps around me.  I want them to be able to come to me and know that they will get support.
I want to help keep them from the decay going on all around us in the world.
I want to help the Gospel taste awesome to them; making sure I don't give it to them in huge doses so as to push them away, but in small, tasty, bites - so they want more!

And I don't ever want to lose my saltiness - because when salt gets wet and dries up all that is left is the white lines on a stinky old T-shirt.