I have a pair of mittens/gloves that I LOVE!  They look like mittens, but have fleece lined separation for each finger inside.  They are the warmest I have found; and given my circulation issues - worth it!
However, nothing can protect against frozen fingers when it's really cold.  In these cases, I have to take my fingers out of their spots and make a fist inside of the mittens to warm them up a couple times on each walk.  I would leave them there the whole time if I didn't have to hold the leash, but they have to go out into their little spots and work eventually.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

We are the body.  We need each other.  We come together to keep HIS blood flowing in us...  for fellowship, friendship, encouragement.  But we can't stay there forever.  We have to get out and be the hands of Jesus, doing His work.  The "colder" it is, the more we need to come together, but I often need to remind myself that I was created for a purpose, too.  There are seasons when I will need the body more than usual, and seasons when it's summer and the flow is good!