Jumping on Trampolines

I took the girls to one of those big trampoline warehouses the other day.  They each brought friends accept one.  She, for a second, felt neglected, but then her eyes started to twinkle and her smile re-appeared "But now I can do whatever I want!"
No one was going to hold her back.  She wasn't bound to anyone.  She was "unchained".

We went rollerblading, too, (lots of days off this week), and one brought a friend - who couldn't skate...  so this daughter was "chained" and didn't have a ton of fun.

Lay aside the whole idea of being a good friend, or preferring others and work with me here...

Bob Hamp defines freedom as:  "The ability to act and react in life as the person you were created to be."  With this definition, a kid alone in a trampoline place sure fits.  That's how free God wants us to feel.  That's how He designed us.  But when we choose to bind ourselves to someone else (unhealthy relationships), or something else (addictions), we make a chain.  All over the Bible God is breaking chains;   Peter's, Paul's, Silas's fell off in prison - literally, but on the rest of us, they just resemble a prison - which can be worse, because we don't know we're in it.
You were created to skate free and fast - what is holding you back?