The Advocate

Apparently, I have an advocate.
He is a skinny, bald, Italian, former bike racer.  Let's call him Antonio.
He is one of the few who actually likes my spinning class.
I was ready to throw in the towel and concede to the fact that my Instructor days are over; and I was okay with that.  There's a time for everything under the sun, right?  This is a time to die - to feel the weakness, not the strength, get the hint, and move on...
Then Antonio comes along and, though he's been in my class since I started (and everyone else's), he breaks the silence; says he wants me to teach more classes; says I'm really good.
I politely say thank you, but think to myself; I used to be good - notsomuch anymore.
BUT - It made me feel like a million bucks.

One of my daughters has recently experienced the splinters that occur from sitting on the bench - she's lost her love of the sport because of that.  BUT - she learned to love a new one because she gets a lot of playing time.

1 John 2:1 says that Jesus speaks to the Father in our defense!  That is awesome - He's sticking up for me constantly...  He says stuff like this "She didn't mean to do that; she's had a really long day."  And to our hearts He says - "No matter what; you're loved and accepted by me.  You are valuable (if you weren't, I would not have died for you) and I have an amazing plan for your life."

Rejection brings out the worst in people.
Acceptance brings out the best.

Sometimes God wants us to see/know that He Alone Is Enough.
Sometimes God uses Antonios in our lives to get us through stuff.
Sometimes God wants US TO BE Antonio to someone else!