Out of the Same Mouth...

I brought the girls to big church with me this morning.  We had to leave early, and it's much quicker not having to go to three different rooms to find them.  Plus, I really wanted to worship with them.  My favorite part was hearing them.  Whether it's in the car, or in church, hearing praises to God out of little mouths is awesome.
Then I remembered...  wasn't it just forty minutes ago that that little mouth was calling the other "dumbhead"??  Yuk!  James 3:10 came to mind "out of the same mouth come praise and cursing...".  I do it, too.  Peter did it, too - by denying Jesus three times after just practically living with him.  AND, Jesus knew he would do it - and loved him anyway!
That's the part that got me - he knows we're going to use the same mouth to praise Him and curse others, yet He loves us anyway!  That's big love.  That's a kind of love that's really tough for me to get my arms around.
Briefly, I went to being convicted and saying I needed to work on that more, try to be better; but He shut me up.  He said - "Don't go there.  I don't work that way.  Go back to where you just were, trying to grasp how much I really love you - no matter what - and let that thought grow, until you're just absolutely consumed with how big my love is.  Then stay there, and don't leave."
Letting God transform us as He grows and lives in our hearts is how He works.  Trying to clean the outside is our version (which is way harder and doesn't work).  He's an Inside Out God - Whose love for us is amazing!