The (Unchained) Help

I finally got around to seeing The Help this weekend and it was awesome!  I even stayed up past ten to finish it - which is saying a lot for me.

I especially loved one of the very last lines of the movie by Aibileen -  "Once I told the truth, I felt free".
That's it.  She got fired from her job and as she was leaving, a smile emerged on her face.
It reminds me of the hymn, "It Is Well With My Soul".  The author had been through so much loss, including the lives of his children, and he penned this hymn!  The deep joy we see in Aibileen's face amidst her trial showed the depth of joy that this hymn is based on.

Many people equate happiness and joy; but there is a difference.  Happiness can come and go in an instant, just watch some pre-schoolers.  But joy, that stays, whether your toy was taken away or not.

II Corinthians 8:2 talks about the Macedonian's "overflowing joy and extreme poverty".  Proof positive that there can be joy regardless of our circumstances.  This joy leads to freedom, which leads to a life unchained!