Wants vs. Needs

I love not giving my kids everything they want for Christmas; or whenever...
As long as they don't have everything they want at each moment, I think that builds character - rather than spoiling them by letting them have everything.  Currently, the wants are non-tying high tops, a kindle, and a bigger bathroom.

Then I heard God say - "Me, too!  I work that way, too - maybe you got that idea from Me!  I could pretty easily give you everything you ever wanted, but why would I do that?  That would pretty much destroy your character, and, destroy your HOPE!  You learned it in Romans 5 - suffering leads to perseverance which leads to character which leads to hope....  And by suffering, I mean, wanting stuff you don't have right now!"

I accidentally stumbled upon Bill Johnson, Pastor at Bethel Church, and he's got the nail on the head with this wants vs. needs thing:

"Sometimes God doesn't do something for us because He wants to do something through us".
(Meaning = He can work much more on who we are by us not having something, than us having something.)

"Gifts will take you places that your character can't stand."
(Meaning = they can make you pretty ugly, like a spoiled three year-old!)

God wants us to keep hoping, keep dreaming - keep persevering - that's what builds character; and that's what keeps us living life to the fullest!!