What Doesn't Kill You... (Part 2)

God seems to want me to keep rolling with my last post.  Why do I sense this?  Maybe because after I've returned from our road-trip to Philly and back, we heard "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson, about twenty times in the car radio.  I think I can relate to about 90% of those lyrics, and they are just another explanation of the Romans 5 verses I was sitting on last week.

We also went to Valley Forge.  We (re)learned about how tough the conditions were with extreme cold weather, inadequate food, and very little clothing and blankets.  But then those who survived went on to win their next battle.  They were strengthened by struggling...  They persevered... they grew in character.

I also ran across a paragraph in my Spring Break reading material - The Invisible by Arloa Sutter:
"By indulging their (our children's) desires for the latest gadgets, we may actually be teaching them consumerist habits that will keep them trapped for the rest of their lives.  We can get in the way of the work of God in their lives by rushing in to rescue them from situations God has designed to make them stronger. They don't need to depend upon God, they have us."

It all goes with the Wants vs. Needs theme.  The relationship Kelly thought she wanted, she was better off without.  The conditions the soldiers at Valley Forge didn't get - actually built lots of them up.  And, not giving to or protecting our kids from everything that comes their way, allows God to show up - in ways He wants to shine, way brighter than we ever could.