Rebekah Rocks!

I read the coolest analogy today by Shannon Ethridge, about Isaac and Rebekah (may need to read Genesis 24 as a refresher), that I'd never heard before:

"Abraham represents God the Father seeking a wife for His Son.  Isaac represents Jesus Christ as the Bridegroom waiting for His bride to be brought to Him by His father.  Abraham's servant is a representation of the Holy Spirit, who draws us away from our past life into a new life of purity and promise.  And Rebekah symbolizes the believer as she submits herself and her future into the hands of the Holy Spirit, her anticipated Bridegroom, and her heavenly Father."

I had never heard it that way.  Thought it was a lesson on serving others - going above and beyond what is asked...  Which is still a great lesson!

My youngest daughter was reading the story of The Little Mermaid, and asked several questions along the way because she was not familiar with it (negligent mother, she must have!).  I had to explain to her that the mermaid was willing to give up her beautiful voice so that she could have legs and be with the one she  loved.  She left her home and family in the sea, to live in a foreign land for the love of one!

We are Rebekahs (and the mermaid, if you can go there).  God is seeking us through the Holy Spirit; to become one with His Son.  Are we willing to leave our comfortable life for one that is full of adventure?  Are we willing to give some things up that we are used to in order to experience life abundantly?

"Will you, like Rebekah, allow yourself to be drawn toward your divine destiny?" - Ethridge