I sat down and watched Tarzan yesterday with my six-year-old because it was on TV during her allotted time, and she had never seen it before.  Yes, there's a pattern there.  She's the youngest, and her sisters never gave her the time of day in choosing the show, but now they're out and about and she's seeing things she never saw before.  I had to explain to her what was going on since we turned it on a little late.
As I was explaining, I found myself saying, "When he was born, he was only surrounded by apes, so he thought he was one - until he saw people, they're the first humans he has seen."  Then I remembered a book I read a few months ago by Bob Hamp, that says pretty much the same thing about us:

"You have become someone other than who you were meant to be.  You are stuck being the wrong person until someone else reaches in and rescues you....  We are in bondage to being ourselves, we are stuck being us!"

It's like the Israelites in Egypt.  At one point, as Moses was leading them to freedom, they complained to him saying that they would rather be slaves being brutally treated in Egypt than risk freedom into something new and unknown!
Tarzan didn't know he was living among apes; the Israelites didn't know there was a way better life out there, and often times, neither do we.

"Instrumental to being ourselves is knowing who our Father is."
It didn't click for Tarzan until he saw the photograph of his mother and father holding him.  Once he saw his father, he knew there was something more for him.
Do we know whose we are?
"Has something whispered to you that you were made for more than you have known?"  
"True Freedom comes when we live life as the person we were created and restored to be!" 
 Let's go after it!!