The Test...

Once I made the decision to forewarn my bosses that I would be making a career move (with my few spare hours) from Spinning to Serving the poor once summer hit, my classes started filling up.  So, naturally, I started second-guessing my decision.  "Maybe I really am supposed to be teaching Spin, maybe this was what I needed to do?  It feels pretty good teaching with a bunch of people in my classes..." I mused.  Thankfully, I kept those thoughts in my head because God showed me an awesome set of verses yesterday.

"We are not trying to please men, but God, who tests our hearts."  2 Corinthians 5:9

Galations 1:10 says that if we are trying to win the approval of men, we are not serving Christ. 

Romans 15:2  "Strength is for service, not status."  MSG translation

Aha!  It was a test.  Do I want to please the people in my class, or do I want to please the One who seems to be calling me to love the unloved and lonely?  Back in the Old Testament, God spoke to people differently because they didn't have the Holy Spirit or The Scriptures (way back), but now, if we listen and look, He can speak to us through His written word, and He loves to do it!

"Remember:  life is not a dress rehearsal.  It's your only shot at absolutely delighting your audience of One."  - Shannon Etheridge