The Other Side of the "Mommy Wars" Coin

No, I'm not joining in the "Mommy War" squirmish - just thought I'd catch some eyes with that juicy title.
I did see or hear a great quote against these wars that said something in regards to "you are the exact mom that God wanted for each of your children"; heard it twice actually, and I like it.
But there's another side to this whole thing that either I've missed reading about (haven't read a lot), or will now propose:  Your kids are the exact ones that God put into your life in order to change YOU !
"Parenting is a school for spiritual formation - and our children are our teachers." - Gary Thomas
You mean, the things I see in my kids that are driving me nuts are the things God wants to change in me?

I was listening to a podcast by Joel Hunter yesterday that I thought really had nothing to do with me, until I put it in the parenting light... "When we blame others, we give them power over us, and we relinquish all power to fix the situation".
Lately, one of my children and I have been battling a little more than normal.  It's her fault.  Something's going on in her that I can't quite figure out.  Even if that's true (not) - it makes me helpless.  I don't like being helpless; so I had to take the blame back and get it off of her, so I could do something about this!  Maybe it's my fault; maybe there's something I can do here to resolve the situation rather than just pointing the finger.

What is God trying to teach me through my child right now?
To love the unlovable?
To be patient when I want to blow up?
To live out of my own selfish desires in order to meet hers?
All of these things, I'm sure God would love to grow in me through this situation.
"It's an energizing feeling to be so concerned with the someone else that we have no thought of our own welfare." - Gary Thomas
I think that just may be what God is trying to show me through my "teacher" right now.