Chapter 16; "How To Comfort Others"

I am secretly (not anymore) dreaming about writing a book one day entitled, Be Different; and Other Lessons God Has Taught Me Through My Dog.  I have about 16 Chapters now; each one with a topic - about a sentence long, so I'm well on my way (to about a one-page novel).  The lesson He taught me this week is how to comfort.

The last week of school always leaves us with a dining room table full of school odds and ends.  Since my now 4th grader loves to play school, she must keep it all (hopefully it will make its way up to her room soon).  She likes to sit and read me everything first; and one of the writing entries was about her dog.  She wrote about how he comforts her when she is sad because they snuggle and she tells him what she's sad or mad about and he makes her feel better.   After I got past the fact that she was going to the dog instead of her negligent mother for comfort, I realized two things:  One, it was probably me who upset her in the first place; and two, he doesn't say anything, he's just there for her.

Then, I discovered that's the way God comforts all over the Bible.
Job's friends came to comfort him after he had lost everything.  That was good - until they opened their mouths and ruined it.
David penned Psalm 23 using God's rod and staff as comforters.  He was a shepherd, and shepherds used rods and staffs to guide and bring back their sheep.  They don't say a word, but their presence is known, and that brings comfort.
"He (Lamech) named his son Noah and said "He will comfort us..."  Noah isn't mentioned saying a word to anyone until the end of his life; yet he was a comforter.  He just walked with God, and God used him to bring comfort to others.
God tells His people often from Exodus to Revelation to take comfort either under or on His wings.

"Oh, love me - and right now! - hold me tight"  just the way you promised, now comfort me so I can live, really live"  Psalm 119:76-77 The Message

This week, we also experienced a death in the family.
There is only One who can comfort better than anyone else.  He doesn't often speak audibly.  He has larger arms than anyone else we could possibly run to.  And He yearns to hold us; and for us to hold onto Him.  He longs for us to understand "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted".  (Mt 5:4)   Eugene Peterson translates that "You're blessed when you feel you've lost what is most dear to you.  Only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you."

"As a mother comforts her child, (without words, just the embrace) so I'll comfort you."  Is 66:13
Run to Him.  Let Him prove Himself faithful.