I Ate a Hamburger Bun

I couldn't see it.  I was blindfolded and a 3rd grade girl had it on a fishing pole, but I knew it was there.  While I was kneeling, I was racing the other dude and his partner to see who could eat it the fastest.  I lost, but I was close.  I think I could have won if I had just stayed still, letting her put it in my mouth, instead of rooting around trying to find it.  Why?  Because she could see my mouth and wanted to feed it.  I couldn't see a thing, but was acting as if I could.
I hate it when I do that!

Kinda like when your six year old wants to put on her own sunscreen...  and totally misses all of her back.

I've been reading Genesis and have learned that God is a God who sees us.  When Hagar had Abraham's baby, per Sarah's request, and was kicked around because of it, God took care of her.  He saw her in her distress.  Sarah decided that she knew what was best.  She knew she and Abraham were supposed to have all these children, yet she was old and barren; so she tried to "feed" herself even though she couldn't see what was going to be given to her if she just waited for it.  She took matters in her own hands instead of letting the One who sees her, and everything in her future, just give her what He said He would.

What are you trying to do for yourself that God wants to do for you?
Ask Him.  Sit and wait for Him to answer.
He can see millions of things that we cannot.
He wants to feed you - abundantly!
"Open your mouth wide and I will fill it" Psalm 81:10