The Seal (Car, Part 2)

Not long after the jeep issue had passed, the thought of a newer, different car intrigued me.  One with better gas mileage, maybe a different color.  I didn't really like where my head was going with this, so I went on the search for a unique sticker for my own car to keep me bound to it emotionally.  I was never allowed to put stickers on my cars before because it hurt the resale value, but I'm not really concerned about the resale value because I'm keeping it.  So, I found a nice gaudy sticker to put on it that represents all of the users.  It's not going anywhere now, we're bound to it.   Immediately, I lost my interest in other cars.  I was content and satisfied with the one who had not let me down so far.  Her gas mileage was pretty lame, but she was mine.  I was not gazing longingly at anything else.  It was actually pretty cool how that worked.  No, I'm not going where you think I am with this...

Then I realized that we've been sealed like that.
2 Corinthians 1:22 says that God "set His seal of ownership on us".

A seal denotes ownership and security.

Just like the sticker I put on my car made it more "mine" to me, even though I had already purchased it - God has already purchased us through Jesus, but He puts His Seal in us when we believe in Him (Eph 1:13).  At that point, when we submit to Him as Lord, He owns us.  Some people aren't really keen to the thought of being owned, but look at the word after that in the definition - security.  Who doesn't warm up to the thought of that?  When we are sealed by God - The Creator of the Universe - He owns us and We Have SECURITY!  Revelation 9:4 says that He protects those who are sealed.

So, if you find yourself checking out other cars, just go slap a sticker on your own - make it yours - give it a sense of security.  That way, when it breaks down, you can't just go turn it in for another.  You are bound to fixing it.   And - when we fumble the ball ourselves, it sure is nice to know that once we're sealed, He's not giving up on us, either!