Finding Yourself

"One of the things plaguing our generation is people trying to figure out who they are."  - Israel Houghton

I heard on the radio that a large percentage of men die within two years after retirement.  The reason for this, primarily, is because their identity is wrapped in their work - and they no longer have it, so they feel lost.  They see their worth by what they do rather than who they are.

This rung another bell with all the moms I saw at school drop-off who were really sad.  For so long we have been "mothering", that it's easy to get that stuck in our heads as who we are.  No.  It's what we've done for so long, but it's not who we really are.

I used to describe myself as an athlete.  Then God, in His infinite wisdom (and grace) relieved me of this image by allowing me plantar fasciitis, a herniated disc, torn menisci, IT band syndrome...  got the point?  He began to chisel away at my heart the things that I thought were making me who I was.  But that's just what I did, it wasn't who I am.

"Boasting in Jesus Christ frees us from the chains of all our other identities." - Matt Chandler

This picture is from Jason Gray's video of "Remind Me Who I Am".  In it, he eloquently displays that the labels we have allowed to be put on us do not describe who we are in Christ.  I tried to upload it, but can't figure it out...

"But you are a chosen people, 
a royal priesthood, 
a holy nation, 
a people belonging to God..."
1 Peter 2:9

When our identity comes from God, nothing that we lose can take away who we are.  Whether it be a spouse, a job, a child, our health, a home, or whatever.   (This truth has been a lifeline for me)

I've heard people to say that all they want for their kids is for them to be happy or successful.  What I want for my kids is to know who they are in Christ.  Because when we know this, like Punchinello, in Max Lucado's children's book, You Are Special, - the stickers don't stick.  What people think of you or do to you doesn't matter; all that matters is what your Creator thinks of you - and He thinks you're pretty awesome.

When we know the One who made us, we will no longer be in a relentless pursuit of who we really are.   We will know our Creator and He will reveal to us our worth!

"... and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it."  Mt. 10:39