How To Fly!

My favorite part of the Olympics is watching the parents in the stands.  They are hilarious.  Out of the whole crowd, you can tell whose kid is racing by how the parents are or aren't watching.  My favorites have been the moms and dads in gymnastics.  They are so nervous for their kids.  I'm sure there's a lot more nervous parents in the stands but they don't show them - they should; it's great entertainment, better than table tennis.  I remember my mom having no one that would sit next to her when I played goalkeeper because she would elbow them if they were every time the ball got near me.  They say as a parent, it's like having your heart running around outside of you, and I think that's what this shows - their hearts are either going to beam or break in these situations.

I kinda think that's why God gave us free will.  He gave us the ability to choose His gift of life with Jesus or not.  He gives us the opportunity every day to make His heart soar or sink.  Yes, He loves us no matter if we fail or flourish,  just like any parent does.  But it sure would be boring for God if He just made us like robots that always please Him and can't choose to do so!  Yes, a perfect kid would be nice, but it would sure get monotonous.  Where's the excitement in that?  He wants our hearts, not hard wiring.   I realize that your child flying or flopping on the high bar is not a matter of choice for them - they would choose to fly every time.  But if they did, every time, no one would watch, and no one would get the glory!

On the flip side (no pun intended), this nervous mother is not at all what God looks like when He is waiting for us to make a choice that would either make Him look bigger or smaller in someone else's eyes.  He is BIG no matter what.  He will be glorified no matter what.  He has a ton of children that will draw others to His greatness, but He doesn't need them to do that in order to be great.  He knows that when we make choices that ultimately bring Him praise - it's our hearts that soar, too!  And, as any parent would, He wants us to fly.