She Who Has Been Forgiven Much...

Loves Much

Do you remember this story?  It is recorded in Luke 7.  Jesus anointed by a sinful woman.  He (Jesus) tells a story to Simon about two men who owed money.  One man owed more money than the other, but both of their debts were canceled.  Simon acknowledged that the man who had owed a larger debt would be more grateful than the other, which was the point.  The sinful woman showed her love for Jesus so much because she knew she had been forgiven so much.

While one point may be that the more we mess up in life, the more often we can experience God's amazing grace;  I think another point is the more we REALIZE how much we've messed up, the more we grab hold of and spend our lives for Him because we realized how much we NEED it!

Brings me back to the post about my youngest daughter and her nasty notes.  A few of you have asked if it worked (see Grasping Grace post)... Two things have happened since then that show that this grace thing really might be getting through.  First, the photo:  I was a goalie - she now wants to be goalie!

The second example is a little revealing, but worth it for the analogy.  She met her dad's new girlfriend this weekend.  (I new it was coming; I'm fine, thanks to God totally taking care of my heart and holding it in His hands, I am honestly not fazed).  But, she was not.  Her eyes swelled and she wept and held me as she hesitantly shared the news with me.  She did not want my heart to be broken.
She is the only one who responded this way.
Maybe, she is realizing how much she has been forgiven.  Maybe she cares for my heart so much because she realizes how much grace she has received from me?

The sinful woman was overwhelmed by Jesus' love so she responded by giving Him everything she had.
My daughter might just slowly be realizing how much I love her, and now, the things that just might break my heart, are breaking hers.

God loved us so much that He sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins because that is the only way we could be forgiven.
When we realize just how much we need this,
we will grasp it with both hands,
we will want to become like Him,
the things that break His heart will, too, break ours.