You Are My Strongest Player

In an effort to implement June and Ward Cleaver-Style parenting; I went to bed before my oldest came home from her late soccer game the other night.  She was quite wound up telling me (who could barely keeping my eyes open) all about their win and how she played.  Then right before she left, she said;  "The coach pulled me aside right before the game and told me, 'you are my strongest player, so I'm putting you in forward'".
But she doesn't play forward - for the past few years she's been playing midfield, and she started at defense when her career began at age six.  Apparently he's got new plans for her.

I woke up the next morning and heard those words penetrate from a different angle;
"You are My child, whom I have chosen, and I'm putting you in forward now."  That got me pretty pumped!
Most of us, as new Christians, start out in defense, trying not to sin.  Keeping the enemy out of the net.
Then we get to a point where we move up a little, to midfield - playing defense and offense at the same time.  Trying to avoid sin as much as we can, but starting to branch out a little, too.

Forward, however, is fun.  "But you're a goalkeeper", you say, "how can you talk about forward being fun like that?"  Yes, that's true, but have you ever seen a keeper get let out of the net when their team is  winning handily and get a crack at playing forward?  The words I often used included cages, animals, and open gates.  My focus was on their goal, do or die!
This relationship that we've been in is starting to change who we are, and give us a purpose; one that is becoming more and more clear.

In his book, Wide Awake,  Erwin McManus has a whole chapter on focus that sounded similar:

"The focus of your life isn't supposed to be your shortcomings, failures, sin, guilt, or shame - I think religion has done enough damage by focusing way too much on sin and guilt - what you have at your core shapes everything about the life you will live. And sin and guilt and shame are not where God wants you to focus your life - When you expect your dreams to become your life you find the strength and resolve to focus.
We get distracted by our surroundings and circumstances and everything happening around us, and they pull our attention away from where we are supposed to be going.

Focus allows you to live a life of full intensity.

When you are focused, you are your most powerful."

My daughter's coach wanted to channel her potential into one thing.  He didn't want a little bit spread all over the field.  He wanted everything she's got fueled towards the goal.

That's what God wants for us, too.  Are our minds scattered?  Letting all the little things around us take our us off of our goal?  God wants our dreams to come true as much as we do.  Peter was able to walk on water because he asked Jesus for this opportunity.  What seemingly impossible thing that God has laid on our hearts have we not asked God to help us to do?

FOCUS is defined as the center of interest or activity.  
close and narrow, concentrated attention.

When God tells us that we are His children; He's reminding us who is at the center of us; and that He has made us with a dream that will become more and more clear to us as we get rid of the muddle around us.  In case you don't believe me; here's some words to dwell on from the Master who made you!

"The Lord, who is faithful, the Holy One of Israel, has chosen you."  Isaiah 49:7b
"God not only loves you very much but also has put His hand on you for something special."  1 Thes. 1:4
"You are my servant, Israel (place your name there), in whom I will display my splendor." Is. 49:3