Baby oil, Sun-in, Coppertone #4, Lemon juice, flipping over every thirty minutes.  Yes, my mom taught me well; but this is not the sunbathing I am referring to.

More like the warmth you feel on these cool autumn days in Chicago when you're outside freezing and the sun pokes out on you, and you just sit there soaking in as much warmth as you can.  Or, the lit-up grassy patch that you go sit in because it's ten degrees warmer than the shady spots.

"God is a gentleman, He does not force Himself upon us"
Like the sun.  It warms us if we let it.

The other day, I had the pleasure (not), of dealing with a temper tantrum.  Hang with me - it ties in.  After my own time-out, I attempted an embrace and got the Heisman push away.  You know how it is; they just want to have their own fit, so you pretty much just leave them alone until they're done, waiting for them, listening from afar, the entire time.

"God's love never commands a change, instead, it produces one." 

"The only way self images and attitudes can be changed is by letting God love you." 

- Carl H. Stevens Jr

Did you know that the command to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength is not seen after Jesus died on the cross?  Weird, but cool, huh?  He just wants us now, to abide in Him.  We are not commanded to love Him, but instead to receive His love, because the more of His love we sit down for and receive, the more we will fall in love with Him!  (Joseph Prince)

The temper tantrum for a child, is us standing in the shade when the sun is right over there - Or us just doing our own thing, running around without rest, while the chair to sit in and let God love us and fill us with love for Him is empty.

The song by David Crowder Band, Let Me Feel You Shine; is one of my favorites right now.  They sing a bunch of songs about how much God loves us, that, when I just sit and listen to, tend to take me to a happy place.
Breakthrough has a way cool huge picture on their wall similar to the one here, of the sun piercing through the trees.  I think that says it all.  When we can feel God's love breaking through the forest to us - we encounter a breakthrough of our own.  He changes our hearts.  He doesn't force it, He stands on the other side of the door with arms wide open waiting for us to be done with our temper tantrum.  And when we let Him love us; we are Sonbathing.  Stay in the warmth; enjoy the song below.  If it doesn't work, Utube it - it's worth your time: