The Dilemma...

Since I was eighteen and able to vote, I've been heavily influenced by an extremely right-winged male for my choices at the pole.  Now I am older, no longer influenced in the same way, and have grown a heart for the poor.  This has left me to make some big-girl decisions within the next month, one of which, I want to make wisely.  I don't like ambiguity, so I'll spill it:  I'm passionate about marriage, life of the unborn, and helping the poor.  I've read Shane Claiborne's and Jim Wallis' blogs, and I really enjoy them; but since Jesus isn't running for President, we don't have that choice.  Since some things will be made law, and some things are up to our own choosing, we need to figure out which ones should be which, right?

The Ten Commandments: 

No other gods, only ME
No carved gods/idols
Do not misuse the name of the LORD
Observe the Sabbath
Honor your father and mother
No murder
No adultery
No stealing
No gossipping
No coveting
(Exodus 20)

"All the believers were together and had everything in common.  Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need."  (Acts 2:44-45)

The way I see it - or, the way God seems to be showing me, is that whatever goes against the Ten Commandments should be a law (marriage & life of the unborn).  But whatever does not, should come from the heart of a believer, or, "the church" (taking care of the poor).
God gives us free will.  He does it so that He will be glorified.  
He is glorified when we choose to let Him live through us by living a life of worship - and taking care of "the least of these".  The believers that are talked about in Acts 2 chose to do this out of their own hearts.  They gave their hearts to the Lord, and He tuned them to what makes beautiful music.  Yes, He wants us to take care of the poor, and if all of the church tithed, we could!  But, more importantly, He wants transformed hearts that are willing to spend themselves, because this is where true life is found.
So, it looks like I will be leaning right once again...
Feel free to comment.  Politics has never been my strong point, but I'm trying, and my ears are open...


  1. I was raised in a very democratic home, my father running a union and being very involved in labor. Although he always voted for dems he is a pro life christian and felt taking care of the working man was so very important.
    I always voted labor as well but struggle with the whole abortion thing. I also am not happy about the fact that with this current president I feel a lack of respect and regard as a Christian. I do not need him to believe as I do or agree. HOWEVER, I need to feel respected and for cry eye I am an American too...quit making fun of my beliefs and religion! I feel that most on the left have no regard to what my beliefs are and call me a bigot or not forward thinking because I am a Christian. Very frustrating. I am not a true republican but have felt the need to vote that way because at least I feel I have a voice in that party. I see both sides. The decision though is pretty Illinois it was always go for the Dem candidate so really holw much would my vote do?

  2. Three thoughts off the top of my head: (and I'll invoke the unlikely in my response.)
    National obligation against abortion: "A Nation that kills its own children is a nation without hope." - Pope John Paul II.

    Theocratic/Political obligation to support Israel: God protected Israel from her enemies and used them against her for HER benefit. "...commitment to the security and future of Israel is based upon basic morality as well as enlightened self-interest. Our role in supporting Israel honors our own heritage." Gerald Ford (R)

    It "is morally right." Jimmy Carter (D)
    Kennedy, Johnson, Bush, Reagan, Clinton also agree. Not so with Obama.

    Social (not government) obligation to the widow, orphan, poor:
    Last night Joe Biden admitted, "The Catholic social doctrine talks about taking care of those who — who can’t take care of themselves, people who need help." Not government, but the PEOPLE, the CHURCH must take care of them.

    I stand with the unborn, Israel and those in need. The first two must have protection through government out of national interest, if not a moral one. The third is a personal mandate regardless of political interest.

  3. Anonymous, I am so sorry you feel that way about voting. Yes, it is true that Illinois usually goes Dem, BUT you and everyone else over 18 has a right to vote! If everyone feels the way you do then why would anyone vote. Please go out and vote and encourage everyone you know to do the same. We can make this country better if we vote for what we believe in!

  4. Nicely put, Sharon. Agree completely that some issues we leave to gov. and some are for each person to handle... Nor sure if people have misread this, but I am voting Republican this year due to the issues noted. Yes, Illinois usually goes dem - but vote! agreed, Bean.

  5. i read this blog the day you posted it. i didn't get from it at all that you planned to vote dem, for what it's worth. i think your explanation for your views on the upcoming election was worded perfectly and based on the strongest litmus test there is. to 'anonymous' and any other hesitant voter out there... i have been married 18 years to my active duty navy husband. we have had 13 addresses, have done five 6-month deployments, and still have a couple years left before retirement (it has been THE best life for us!). the best way to thank a military family is to VOTE. Vote, vote, vote, please! know the candidates, not only their platforms but their character, their level of integrity, what motivates them to do what they do. follow your instinct and cast your vote. when we lived in san diego, i stood in line for half an hour to cast my vote, knowing full well the state would go to the other guy. please don't throw in the towel. kimi -- rock on, woman. :)


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