Just The Facts, Ma'am

I know I'm not suppose to be blogging right now, and I'm not - I'm fasting from blogging to use the time I spend thinking about writing to, instead, pray for discernment for the five awesome individuals in charge of deciding what to do with the 3 million $$ deficit that is hindering their plan in building the Family Plex in East Garfield Park, Chicago.

They are going to do this project - they have $13/$16 million raised, but they are at a stand-still and need to re-assess what is most important to the neighborhood.

This morning, while I was praying - I was told to lay out the facts for YOU, to see if YOU might just feel a little nudge in your spirit to use some year-end giving towards this amazing project.  I would have waited until the end of the 40 days, but at that point, they will have to be ready to make a decision.

Breakthrough currently works with 21 pre-schoolers, but they have a massive waiting list, and could work with 150 pre-schoolers with the addition of the Family Plex

The land where the Family Plex would go (replacing what is below) is pictured in my previous blog, but since you can't see everything in detail, here's what it really looks like:


Broken bottles
Broken down cars
Drug lines
Gunfire, stabbings, rape sites
It represents highly concentrated poverty over the last 40 years.

A new form of Christianity is rising up.  One of "relocation".  People are actually moving into neighborhoods that no one else would, in order to help transform them.  These people are living out what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit - knowing they have Jesus living inside of them with HIS POWER!  They are humbling themselves, as Jesus did, rather than trying to make themselves famous, as most of the world does.  With this can come transformed lives, AND transformed neighborhoods!

Here's the link to the site, Dream Big!