The End/The Beginning

If I drank, I'd be downing a Pale Ale right now.  Since I don't, I am just telling God how incredibly cool He is!  I think my writing will make a little more sense with this choice, too.

When Jesus was in the boat with His disciples, the water wasn't calm, quiet and peaceful.  When you decide to welcome a little child into your home in Jesus' name, the home is not calm, quiet and peaceful.  BUT - it is filled with His presence, and that is very, very good.

For the past three and a half weeks, our family decided to care for a two and a half week old baby.  I'm not looking for glory - more like "crazy",  I know.  We did this to give her mom a chance to "come to",  to get her priorities straight.  To think of someone else before herself.

She was a great baby.  (God knew this would be necessary).  She taught my youngest how to love the neglected.  Now, she wants to be the teacher at school who helps the kids who "don't really understand all their schoolwork".  She taught my middle daughter what it means to have a heart for the poor.  And she grew one.  And she taught me that as long as I pray the songs "I'm Worn" and "Revive Me", I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength!!  (Phil 4:13)

But, her mom taught me what grace looks like.

I was a little mad at her.  How could she do this to this beautiful little baby?  Her own baby?  But as I was driving downtown yesterday for the two of them to meet for the first time since the hospital, God overwhelmed me with love for her.  He made it very clear to me that Jesus took my sin on Himself so I could have His righteousness.  Who am I to judge?  I am just as dirty as she is.  All I am supposed to do is love her with Jesus' love.  So I did.

I prayed like crazy that God would grab her heart with the eyes of her baby and draw her in - give her a vision of what could be...  So, when she decided, right after our meeting, to check herself into a treatment center I couldn't take any of the credit.  But that's okay, I really don't want it.  She had been in the foster care system since she was thirteen and she realized that she wanted to be the mom she didn't have.  

The call came to bring our little houseguest to go and be with her mom this morning.  We celebrated for her - we're going out for ice cream after school for her!  She is with her mom, and we will trust that God is big enough to transform their lives, together!

God is good.  He redeems things - makes them new.  He changed our home.  He changed a new mom's heart.  All because of Matthew 18:5.

And now, I sleep.