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I am not married and I have no sons, so this is not a visual for me, and I'm sorry if you are distracted by that in your own head.  Go ahead and get it out because I'm talking about circumcision of the heart.

As I dropped my girls off at school the other day, one of the teachers looked in the car and said:  "No baby today?"  I told her that the previous ones were back with mom and there would probably be another one soon.  To which she replied "you must really like doing that".
That struck me.  Notsomuch.

Anyone who knows me would tell you that I'm not a baby person.
When people come over with their babies, or we bring a meal to someone or visit someone who had a baby, I am not the type to ask to hold it.  I'm really just glad it's not mine and I get to leave soon.
I don't volunteer too much in the kids ministry at church because that's really not one of my favorite things to do.  I figure I've got enough time with kids in my own h…

The Power of a Hug

We currently have two new little bodies in our home to love on, and I am quickly learning, or should I say, re-learning, the power of a hug.  One of the girls is five.  She misses her mom.  When I told her that I should probably be hugging her more and invited her into my arms, she grasped me with all her might, we stayed close, and everything shifted.  For both of us.  Her spirit was re-juvinated, and a greater sense of love for her entered into my heart.  I was able to get past anything that had been bothering me from her and just love her.  Now,  we promised to start  and end every day with a hug - not to mention whenever needed in-between.

When my middle daughter came downstairs all bummed out about something a month or so ago, I asked her if I could have a hug.  I ended up being transformed as much as she did.  We sunk into each other as my chin rested on top of her head I told her that she was the best one to hug right now because I could stay in that position forever.  We need…

How To Morph

I didn't learn at all what I thought I would on our missions trip to Costa Rica over Spring Break.

What I did learn happened to be right in line with what God had been teaching me before I even went.  Weird how He always does that.

When asked why his church hadn't grown in leaps and bounds since it'd been around so long, one of the local pastors said something along the lines of - people don't want it bad enough.  His church demands a lot.  They want to make disciples.  They will love and take in whoever comes, but unless you really want to be a disciple, and want to do what it takes to become one, you probably won't want to stick around very long.

Here's why:  "You will never experience holy transformation until you are involved in regular, loving accountability relationships centered on God's Word."  - Chip Ingram

"Butterflies change in a cocoon.  Christians change in a community.  Both experience shelter.  Both experience struggle.  This …