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When My Kids Are in School All Day...

I remember when I used this saying to precede something I was dreaming about doing when the days belonged completely to me.  Did you?

When my girls were young and home all day, I used to day dream about training for an ironman when the youngest got into first grade (since Kindergarten is even shorter than pre-school).  I dreamed about dropping them off at school on a 70 degree day very much like today, and getting on my bike all day to ride.  I would be bringing lots of gels and bars and special drinks that cost a lot so I would have enough energy to then get home and put on my running shoes and go run for an hour or so, then I would shower or sit in an ice bath until they came home...  ahhh, the life!

What was I thinking?

I have zero interest in that now that my youngest is actually in first grade. (Don't mind the torn ligaments, inflamed fascia, herniated discs... I guess that helped)
Yes, my life circumstances have changed. But, so have I, thankfully.

Lesson #1 - "A lost …

"The Bomb"

Shhh - don't tell anyone, it'll jinx it, but we are officially having fun with this! 

Our new little twenty month old African American girl is "the bomb" - even the dog thinks so (high-chair hovering...).  While I am able to credit my "circumcised heart" a bit (see last post), I prayed that God would place the perfect fit for us and He really answered (yes - I will do this EVERY time now, and I know He will answer, whether it seems like He forgot or not):

Sleeps 12-13 hrs/night - uninterruptedNaps 2.5 hrs/day - even in the laundry room - while doing laundryEats anything but bread and strawberriesWalks sturdily, even into walls, and doesn't careCopies words (this is usually good)Not afraid of the 115 lb dog (this is massively cool)Her hair dries in a minute (this was very educational for us)Lies/sits down nicely for diaper changes and shoe placementSays "please" and "thank you" when remindedMakes us laughEntertains herself with bubbles …