"The Bomb"

Shhh - don't tell anyone, it'll jinx it, but we are officially having fun with this! 

Our new little twenty month old African American girl is "the bomb" - even the dog thinks so (high-chair hovering...).  While I am able to credit my "circumcised heart" a bit (see last post), I prayed that God would place the perfect fit for us and He really answered (yes - I will do this EVERY time now, and I know He will answer, whether it seems like He forgot or not):

  • Sleeps 12-13 hrs/night - uninterrupted
  • Naps 2.5 hrs/day - even in the laundry room - while doing laundry
  • Eats anything but bread and strawberries
  • Walks sturdily, even into walls, and doesn't care
  • Copies words (this is usually good)
  • Not afraid of the 115 lb dog (this is massively cool)
  • Her hair dries in a minute (this was very educational for us)
  • Lies/sits down nicely for diaper changes and shoe placement
  • Says "please" and "thank you" when reminded
  • Makes us laugh
  • Entertains herself with bubbles - unopened (yep, just the jar)!

I realize most of these are the product of her upbringing, which is drastically different from mine.  But it works for our benefit right now, so we're okay with that.  (Kinda makes me wish I vacuumed in the bedroom during nap time).

Word is, she may be part of our family for a couple of months - and we're actually okay with this.  We're even looking forward to this.  The girls (2/3) come running home from school to play with her.  The money that's being spent on anything for her is definitely being saved (and then some) on no extra entertainment needs!  I think this is called a win-win.  

So, I am also thinking that this is proof that as God changes our hearts - we have fun doing what He asks us to do!  "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart" (Ps. 37:4) doesn't actually mean that if I delight in Him, He gives me a red Hummer - it really means that as I delight in Him, my desires align with His desires for me!  (Which probably means I wouldn't even want the red Hummer - not there, yet)

To quote one of my favorite authors, Jen Hatmaker:

"Maybe it's my tattoo talking, but this (1 Cor. 9:21-22) is my favorite missional mandate.  Because the perception of Christians as self-righteous segregationists is so prevailing, it is such a pleasure to represent a new expression of faith.  For me this is not hard, this is not work, this is not a sacrifice, this is not uncomfortable.  A missional approach to a disoriented world has made discipleship fun again."