Walking A Big Dog

One of my favorite things to see while walking my dog, who is now bigger than I am, is some big, beefy guy walking a poodle-type of 'dog' (I guess technically they are called that).  It is usually on the other side of the street because they think my dog will eat their dog.  When, in actuality, my dog is just scared of theirs because he knows they are about to bark - and it just might hurt his precious ears!  As we walk by, a grin appears in my heart because I can feel the insecurity increasing all the way across the pavement.  (Yes, I realize guys who walk little dogs are probably like guys who wear pink - very secure in their masculinity.  But go with me here - those guys don't count for this analogy).  I guess it just gives me peace to know that even though I am small, my dog is way cool and massive - so that makes me way cool and massive, too! And, if you think you are a big stud, but walk a puny dog, it kinda knocks you down a notch.

Remember the first time you spoke in public?  If you were nervous, the teacher told you to picture everyone in their underwear.  That way, you'd be laughing at everyone instead of fearing them.  Knowing you were fully clothed, and nothing you said from here on out would be more worthy of laughter than what they looked like underneath their fashionable (or not) attire.

"Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world."  1 John 4:4 ESV

When we start to feel the least bit small or don't think you have what it takes.  When others are flaunting their stuff around you and it's starting to get to you just a little bit.  When your situation doesn't seem to measure up to someone else's;  just picture this.  You are walking a VERY big dog if you are in Christ.  God wants you to have such joy in Him that your heart grins as the deep peace that He bought for you seeps through your soul and anything coming from the world just looks like a little purse dog in comparison!