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Are You a Big "Purse Dog"?

My dog is a wimp. He is 100 lbs and scared of a leaf that is blowing the wrong way. My neighbor who owns a Basset Hound calls him a "scaredy cat". He barks at himself in his window reflection, and barks when we go upstairs without the poor little thing... Has he not seen himself? Does he not know how big he is?
Then God said... You are much bigger than you think you are because I am living inside of YOU! Do you not see Me in there? Why do you consider the opinion of others? Why do you belittle that reflection you see? I am living inside of you - your forever companion; why do you get lonely? Do you not know how big I AM?
Bask in that one today - enjoy My companionship, My strength, My sufficiency! - God

Katie Davis

I cannot get this girl out of my head.
Her heart and her life are truly a life lived "Unchained". If you haven't heard about Katie Davis; check out her story. She is founder of; is 23 years old, lives in Uganda, fosters 13 girls; and it all started when she took a "short term" missions trip there at 18 yrs of age! I heard an interview with her yesterday on the Brook Hills Church podcast with David Platt, and have been in awe of how God is using her, as she has given her heart to Him! She has just released a book called "Kisses from Katie" (, and I'm going to go find it. Anything that reminds me how much I have, and how much of that God wants to use for His Glory is worth buying!

Old Maid

I have had somewhat of a grumpy 5 yr old lately. Doesn't like to listen to books much (though we still read); doesn't like to play by herself (still make her); and doesn't like many games - except Old Maid. She will play Old Maid forever, so we often do. She plays very confidently when the Old Maid is in her hand; always smiling waiting for me to grab it, re-arranging her cards to put it where I've been picking from. But when I have the Old Maid, she always hesitates in taking a card from me; worrying and trying to be very careful not to pick it, and choosing from different places instead of always the right hand side.
Then I heard a sermon from John Piper regarding Judas, and he got me thinking along the same lines... He was talking about John 6:70 when Jesus says that he chose the twelve, knowing Judas was an enemy. God put Judas in the midst of the twelve and he will do what God tells him to do. Stated more powerfully; "He reigns over the resistance&quo…

The Power of a Good Coat

I have lived north of Chicago for over 20 years now and have finally realized the truth in this title. I hate (bad word in our house, so it must be fiercely felt) being cold. Coming from Florida, I just figured people in the north were always cold and they just dealt with it. Once I had kids; I would send them to pre-school partially just to get the outside play time in the winter because I wasn't about to go out into the frozen tundra and play with them. You go play, I'll look out the window and make sure the snow plow doesn't hit you.
Last year I got two new coats (and cool snow pants) and they have changed my life! I can go out in the cold and actually enjoy it. I am not phased by the snow or freezing rain hitting me. I am protected so I can go down sled hills until the kids are done, not until I'm done. I can walk the dog early, before it warms up to 10 degrees. And I can actually enjoy watching the girls play soccer in the cold! It only took me 20 years t…

Let the Earth Shake!

My new favorite piece of exercise equipment is the Bodyblade. When I recently switched health clubs, it was the only thing missing, so I purchased my own and love it. Why? Because it strengthens what matters. You have to shake it and force it to move, requiring your body to stabilize itself to counteract the force you're putting on it - enhancing your core strength. (It is actually supposed to strengthen the muscles in my neck and core to prevent further injury after my lovely slipped disc.)
I recently listened to a sermon entitled "Shakedown" by Steven Furtick. He was teaching on how when our world is shaken it is often to reveal the treasure (2 Cor. 4:7) that is inside of us. Everything that is not solid - falls off; things like people, money, or stuff that we depend on too much.
While the bodyblade helps to strengthen our core (where all of our physical strength comes from) by shaking what's around us - God uses the earthquakes in our lives to strengthen our g…

Thank you Sir, may I have another?

I heard this line this morning in the gym and a huge grin spread across my face. An older gentleman was saying this (in jest) to his trainer as he was doing step-ups. It made me smile because I remember the days of enjoying putting my clients through painful workouts, and smiling when they'd return a few days later saying how sore they were (yes, people thought I was somewhat demented that way). Deep down, however, I know that the pain was for their good - it would make them stronger! I loved it when my clients wanted to work harder because they knew that that was how results would come.
I have personally gone through this a lot. With each meniscus tear, torn fascia, slipped disc... God has taught me something new. As a Christian, I have grown spiritually from every physical injury I have had. I actually caught myself saying something like this to God the other day: "Bring it on, if that's what You need to do to get me where you want me to be. Or, Thank you, Go…

Squeaky Violin

My middle daughter has started the violin. I was spared this luxury with the oldest, who chose the Upright Bass; a nice, low tone.I think I'm getting old because I'm not too bothered by it. I'm actually just thrilled when she practices, knowing discipline is not her middle name. Last night, however, I totally enjoyed it. Why? Because she was teaching her little sister, who she's not been too fond of lately, how to play. She was acting like the master teacher, and her sister was actually listening and responding; not saying "I can do it myself". It was beautiful. I just sat there and soaked it all in.
I think that's how God looks at us with our brothers and sisters in Christ. He has made each of us really good at something and others better than us at other things. When we let them teach us and are responsive, I think he gets that joy that I did. Likewise, when we use what we have or know to teach those who haven't learned that yet, He beams fo…

Full Moon

As I arose from slumber yesterday, I knew there was a full moon. I knew it because it was lighter in the house than it usually was at that hour, and I didn't knock over anything.When I walked Moose, it wasn't as dark as it usually was (quite helpful on the skunk look-out). The full moon was awesome, I couldn't get my eyes off of it; so I did a little research...
The moon has no light of its' own; it's made of rock; it only reflects the light of the sun. The illuminated side of the moon is constantly facing the sun no matter where it is in it's rotation around the earth, while the earth, of course, revolves around the sun.
When the moon is new (hardly seen by us), it's illuminated side is facing away from the earth towards the sun, and it is between the sun and the earth. When we see a full moon, the earth is actually between the sun and the moon. The illuminated side is facing the earth and is completely lit up by the sun - and the earth does not get in the way…

God's Physiology

I have found a few ways to utilize my Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology! Here's lesson one:
"Hearts are stronger after broken..." - Needtobreathe (Slumber)(That was not what I learned)

Our skeletal muscles are broken down in weight training, and they grow in recovery. The strength comes from repair (sleeping). If we didn't work them hard enough to stress them; they won't grow in the repair process. (That's what I learned)
The Needtobreathe quote is saying the same thing about our heart. When our hearts are broken throughout life, they grow stronger. This does not mean physiologically (pumping harder), but spiritually. The more we let God repair our brokenness, the more He gets to touch our heart and repair it with His Master Hands. And the more our hearts are touched by the Master, the stronger they get.
So, what is a strong heart good for anyway? Well, what is our heart made for? Yes, pump blood, but that's too simple. What about love? Wh…

Amazing Grace!

Apparently some churches are hesitant to preach the true grace that God gives us. That He loves us completely, no matter how much we mess up would possibly urge us to not really care about holiness. Having this amazing grace in our head and hearts might keep us away from studying the bible on our own, or staying away from sin, or not really go to church since we don't really need it.
Others think Christianity is a bunch of rules. They think it is all about keeping us from happiness. Do's and don'ts; keeping us from freedom. A road too narrow to follow.
John Eldredge blends these two thoughts in a great quote: "It's not that God doesn't want us to be happy. He does. It's just that He know that until we are holy, we cannot really be happy."
God made us. He made us to glorify Him. God's ways are way higher than I could ever imagine, but I do know that I am way more drawn to holy, happy people, than grumpy, ones. He alone can fill us with true…


This is my favorite CD right now! One of the reasons I like it so much is that I can ride my bike to it - hard. At least half of it is "bike-able" for me, so totally worth it! I also like it because I can jam to it in the car with the girls and their friends and no one is embarrassed about it. If you listen carefully, it's all about living for Jesus, and the life He brings.
"Able" is a great cool down song and one to listen to every day about how we are not able on our own; but He is! A great way to end a morning workout and start a new day.

Another great one is "Slumber": "Days, they force you back under those covers - lazy mornings, they multiply - Glory's waiting outside your window - Wake on up from your slumber, baby open up your eyes!"
I love this! The beat picks up and forces you to wake up! See the glory all around you - it's waiting for you - OPEN YOUR EYES! I'm pretty sure it's taken from Romans 13:11 & 12 …


Since two of my best friends have had the experience of their dogs being skunked recently, when I take Moose out early in the morning, we start our walk with the prayer "Lord, keep the skunks away from us, and keep us away from the skunks". You would think they are lions or something the way they freak me out. We see about one a day; and each time, they are either running away from us, or I spot them from far away and direct Moose on a turnaround or go to the other side of the street. So far, so good; God is answering my prayers, and to that I am very thankful!
Listening to David Platt (Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL) this morning, he said "It is a scary thing when God gives man over to his sinful desires". It's been all over the Bible, God gives men over to their evil desires; He doesn't make us love and choose Him; He wants us to love and choose Him. He knows that is what will ultimately fill us. He also knows what will hurt us, and often s…

Sink or Swim?

For those of you who know me (probably all of you), I am not a high-maintenance person. This is good or bad, depending on who you are. One of the areas I really could care less about is soap. Until now. I rotate my soaps and shampoos all the time, just because I get bored with the same thing. I don't really care if it's 99 cents or $5; but I do stay away from the salon stuff (I don't have enough hair to warrant that).I rotated back to Ivory Bar Soap a few days ago and it has changed my outlook on soap. It cleanses me better than anything else. I used to have to wash a couple times to get the squeaky clean. Ivory does it in one lather - I love it.
They (Ivory people) advertise being pure and able to float. Primarily because it is whipped with air. Yes, they have added some glycerin now so it doesn't dry you up as much as it used to, so it doesn't really float like it used to; but I don't play that in the shower anyway; so they don't lose my busine…

Tailgate Shepherd

I had the pleasure of attending a tailgate party this weekend. My two youngest did not find their friends, so they were following me everywhere. It got a little (okay, a lot) irritating because they were practically stepping on my feet trying to not miss anywhere I might be going so they didn't lose sight of me. At one point, my youngest lost me, so she just stayed put and got really sad. We went back to find her (approximately 40 seconds later) right where we had lost her, and all was recovered.I don't think God gets irritated with us following Him. I think He really wants us to follow Him closely; He probably likes it when we are so close we step on His feet. John 10:4 says "When he has brought out all his own (sheep), he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice." When we stop following Him closely, we get lost, or make no progress. We become stagnant, not going anywhere, or go the wrong way. And are pretty unhappy in that s…