About Me

Hi!  I'm Kimi.  Raised just north of nice and sweaty Orlando, FL until I went to the frigid north for college and got stuck.  I now reside just north of Chicago, which isn't such a bad spot after all.  I am a single mom with three (almost) teenage girls.  Yes, Jesus is my best friend - now more than ever!  And a way-cool Greater Swiss Mountain Dog named Moose, who is our amazing guard of the castle when he decides to ignore his arthritis and get up off the ground.

In my first career, I was a Personal Trainer, Spinning Instructor, and Triathlete.  That's pretty much out the door now, as God decided to aim my heart towards cooler things like walking and hanging out at homeless shelters and prisons and Africa and keeping an extra little dude in our home every once in a while.  He seems to replenish my fuel supply way better this way.

I wake up extremely early (like 3:30, give or take an hour), pretty much because it used to be the only time I had to myself and I loved it oh so much!!  Now, my body is just used to having coffee and Jesus at that hour and doesn't work too well without those.

I'm into prison reform, short-term missions, lunch with girlfriends, Safe Families for Children (though it completely wrecks me), being in the sun, Missionary Care, 12-Step Groups, Centering Prayer, reading Christian stuff, hanging out with people who are different from me, watching my girls play sports, and probably something else, but that's enough to read for now.

Because I'm a One on the Enneagram, God has given me friends that take me sky-diving on my 40th Birthday, hike Mt. St. Helens, ride motorcycles, play in waves, and anything to get me out of my pretty little introvert-who-likes-to-write-alone box.

If you want to contact me, Facebook is probably the best way - Kimi Kurz Ottaviano, since I don't know how to do Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat even for that matter.