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Walking A Big Dog

One of my favorite things to see while walking my dog, who is now bigger than I am, is some big, beefy guy walking a poodle-type of 'dog' (I guess technically they are called that).  It is usually on the other side of the street because they think my dog will eat their dog.  When, in actuality, my dog is just scared of theirs because he knows they are about to bark - and it just might hurt his precious ears!  As we walk by, a grin appears in my heart because I can feel the insecurity increasing all the way across the pavement.  (Yes, I realize guys who walk little dogs are probably like guys who wear pink - very secure in their masculinity.  But go with me here - those guys don't count for this analogy).  I guess it just gives me peace to know that even though I am small, my dog is way cool and massive - so that makes me way cool and massive, too! And, if you think you are a big stud, but walk a puny dog, it kinda knocks you down a notch.

Remember the first time you spoke…

Today I Drank From a Public Pool

And, the kiddie one, at that!

Reminded me of the time when I was a freshman in college and I was the caboose in the skit where everyone goes in to the bathroom individually, brushing their teeth and rinsing in the same cup, then I get to come running in completely dehydrated and drink it all down.  Did wonders for my reputation - I didn't care, I was a freshman.  And, neither did I care when I was reprimanded by my seven-year-old for drinking the pool water.
I bet you would have done it, too.
We took our latest little toddler, who had never seen a pool (per her hysteric response), to go have some good, clean, summer fun.  She was scared to death - clinging to me - didn't even want to put a toe in the stuff for over an hour.  Until she saw a ball.  It took her about ten minutes, but she got into an inch deep of the pool!  She touched it. She put it in her mouth.  Her eyes smiled (she would deny it, but it was there).  Then, for the next thirty minutes, she continued to put he…

Might As Well Face It, You're Addicted...

Go ahead, sing along.  I'm finding this our mantra and I like it!

When we dropped off our last placement at Lydia Home a week and a half ago, they were ready to pop another one in my car for the ride home like a swinging door.  I told them no - It was recharge time for me and my family - had to get Dr.'s appointments done, go on some bike rides, etc...  Well, that lasted about two days and we were done.  Grouchiness started to surface.  Bickering.  Indulgence.
Got me into a book by Gerald May called Addiction and Grace.  WOW.  I was reading it partly for my own issues and partly for educating myself for the sake of others.  After becoming involved with all these moms who lose their kids from addiction issues, the fire inside me was being stoked, and I figured out where I wanted to focus my upcoming degree.  But, of course, I learned more about myself and what is at the root of my own issues.

Here are some cool things I learned about addiction from this amazing book:

It seems t…