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Our Great Adventure!

My very good friend asked me to partner with her and take part in CityChase Chicago yesterday.  It's kind of like Amazing Race with Fear Factor for one day in the city.  I was all over it!

As soon as it started, we had to get six out of eight scavenger hunt items in order to even get our list of challenges for the day.  As they read the list to us, one of them was grass stain, so I immediately hit the ground and rubbed my shirt in it.  The remaining five we had within ten minutes and we were off...

Letting my wise partner use her brain and smartphone, I just followed her lead and made sure no one was mugging her or she wasn't running into traffic while she told me where to go.  After two buses, we got to our first challenge which ended up being wheelchair softball.  After being nailed in the gut twice by my partner's rocket swing (who I could not be mad at since she got us there in the first place), we had to sit in an ice bath for one second per number of balls our partn…